Michael E. J. Witzel (born 1943)

PhD (Erlangen 1972), Wales Professor of Sanskrit  at Harvard University. Elected a Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2003

He has been teaching Sanskrit since 1972. From 1972-1978 he was the Director of the Nepal-German Manuscript Preservation Project, KathmanduCurriculum Vitae

He has written a number of books and more than a hundred articles (in German, English, French, and Japanese) on Vedic, Old-Iranian, Nepalese Studies, Indian History and Comparative Mythology. Publications

His major publications include:

* Das Katha-Âranyaka. Textkritische Edition mit Uebersetzung und Kommentar.Erlangen/Kathmandu 1972

* On Magical Thought in the Veda. Leiden: Universitaire Pers 1979

* On the Localization of  Vedic Texts and Schools. In: G. Pollet ed., India and the Ancient World, Leuven 1987: 173-213

* Early Sources for South Asian Substrate Languages. Boston: Mother Tongue  1999

* Tracing the Vedic Dialects. In: C. Caillat (ed.), Dialectes dans les litteratures indo-aryennes. Paris 1989:  97-264

* Das Alte Indien [History of Old India]. München: C.H. Beck  [C.H. Beck Wissen]  2003.

* Katha Âranyaka. Critical edition with a translation into German and an introduction. Cambridge: Harvard Oriental Series 65. 2004  

* Linguistic Evidence for Cultural Exchange in Prehistoric Western Central Asia.  Philadelphia: Sino-Platonic Papers 129,  2003

* Central Asian Roots and Acculturation in South Asia. Linguistic and Archaeological Evidence from Western Central Asia,  the Hindukush and Northwestern South Asia for Early Indo-Aryan Language and Religion.
In:  T. Osada (ed.)  Linguistics, Archaeology and the Human Past. Kyoto : Indus Project, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature  2004, 87-211

For details see: Publications

He is the the Editor of several journals and books; among them, the Harvard Oriental Series. He is the Managing Editor of the International Journal of Tantric Studies and the founder of the Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies.

He is currently finalizing a book on comparative historical  mythology,
Homo Fabulans. Origins and Dispersal of Our First Mythologies  (working title)

E-Mail:  witzel@fas.harvard.edu

Homepage: http://www.people.fas.harvard.edu/~witzel/mwpage.htm


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